Our premises were chosen & specifically equiped to provide obstetric and gynaecological services. For instance, we have colposcopy and modern 3D ultrasound on site. In addition we have a registrar (trainee specialist) on-site at least one day a week as well as a midwife for limited consultations. All patients are welcome and women who require hospitalisation can be admitted privately or publicly to either Mt Gambier or Millicent hospitals.

In addition to our Mt Gambier rooms, consulting also takes place every four weeks in Kingston.

Dr Weatherill is a training supervisor for the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) with over 30 registrars (trainee specialists) having undergone 6 month placements under his supervision (the majority of these are now fully qualified specialists themselves). Dr Weatherill is a lecturer with Flinders University and frequently has third and fourth year medical students from Flinders University in attendance at clinics and operating sessions.


  1. Private or public
  2. Midwife clinics
  3. High risk including previous obstetric complications, hypertension, diabetes, previous caesareans, obesity, medical conditions, autoimmune disease, mutiple pregnancy
  4. Shared care with credentialed general practitioners
  5. Pre-pregnancy counselling
  6. Amniocentesis
  7. NIPT (ie fetal DNA testing from maternal blood)


  1. Abnormal/heavy bleeding
  2. Infertility
  3. Hysteroscopy
  4. Laparoscopy
  5. Endometriosis
  6. Colposcopy
  7. Pelvic floor/incontinence
  8. Menopause
  9. Contraception/sterilisation
  10. Cancer - with long-established Adelaide and Melbourne links
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