We are taking this threat very seriously. Though many who become infected will have a mild or barely noticable illness, a small percentage run the risk of life-threatening complications. As such, numerous avoidable deaths will occur if the spread of the virus is not slowed as otherwise there will be a rapid and unmanageable demand on health services. Social distancing and meticulous hygeine practices will slow the spread and thus hopefully allow our health services to cope with these sicker patients thus spread over a longer time period. We have implemented a number of changes both here and at the hospital to help “flatten the curve".

In preparation for your consultation please note the following changes

😷 Only patients (& partners of pregnant patients) to come into our building , unless special circumstances apply

😷 Children’s toys are no longer available – if at all possible please have your children cared for elsewhere while you attend

😷 Please use the alcohol-based hand-cleanser upon arrival

😷 (We in turn will wash/cleanse our hands between all patients)

😷 Ring us before attending if you have any concerns you may be infected

😷 Consider delaying your appointment if it is non-urgent (right now some things can & should wait)

😷 We will endeavor to run close to schedule so waiting room numbers are minimal 😇

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